Kind Culture Dolls:

Our products inspire children to do acts of good, and empower them to spread love, kindness, and gratitude.

We work with incredible charitable partners to guarantee that every purchase you make will directly benefit a child in need.

With our first line, The Doll Kind, we promise to donate one doll for every doll sold to children less fortunate. With the help of your purchases we have already donated thousands of dolls to charities like Baby2Baby, Subs for Santa, The Ronald McDonald House, Arts and Healthcare, and more.

A percentage from every Good Deed Fairy sale will be donated to anti-bullying organizations. Our company was founded as a positive response to cyber-bullying and it is a passion of ours to help combat this negativity by encouraging the kindness we believe is innately in all children. Supporting anti-bullying organizations helps bring us closer to creating a kinder world.

My Petit Collection:

Growing up, Cynthia Bardales mom worked as a nurse in Lima and they saw firsthand all of the children there who struggled to get good medical care. She vowed to help and give back when she moved to the United States. When Cynthia was young, she loved to create watercolor illustrations of different characters inspired by stories she made up and My Petit Collection was born!

Launching My Petit Collection is a fusion of Cynthia’s love for art, children, and giving back.

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