Afternoon Retreat #101

Under the Awning

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 A faux bark furnish makes a rustic statement on 101's sturdy form. Burn Times 55-65 hours Content/Weight 28.2oz/800 grams

Bridgewater Afternoon Retreat Collection #101 combines the best of home fragrance and décor. With this candle, you’ll enjoy the benefits of proprietary, clean-burning soy-blend wax, Bridgwater's best-selling Afternoon Retreat fragrance, four lead-free cotton wicks, and a faux bark finish with a sturdy form built to last.

Afternoon Retreat is one of Bridgewater's most-loved scents! Take a moment to sink back into a bed of soft moss, teak, sandalwood, and amber as a light breeze of fresh bergamot and lime sweeps the air. This woody scent is the perfect fragrance to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that both men and women will enjoy!

BUY WITH A PURPOSE!  Every time you purchase a Bridgewater candle, we donate 75 to Rice Bowls, a non-profit organization that provides the food budget for orphanages around the world where there is no government assistance for food. Each 75 donation provides 3 meals for a child in need through this partnership.