Know Hope

Under the Awning

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n 2012, our family was called to Nicaragua to serve the poorest of the poor. Being obedient to His call to the foreign mission field was easy, but being obedient through the mission has been both challenging and inspirational. One Wednesday evening , June 2014 while teaching on the book of Job in a city dump with over 100 ladies in attendance, I asked the question, “What will our response be if our children were to die? What would you do? What would I do if my only daughter of 19 years of age who is across this metal gate teaching your children about Jesus were to die? I would praise Him.”
Not realizing that less than three days later, my only daughter would die unexpectantly while lying in a hammock. I would be called to a level of obedience that I had never fathomed. My daughter gave the scripture references used in this manuscript to her best friend a year and a half before she died as encouragement to read her Bible. These very same scripture references written by our then seventeen-year-old daughter walked us through those first 90 days in the valley. When God called us to the mission field, we felt that He was saying, “Come, know Me more.” We have learned more about who He is through this journey, and that only He could carry us through.

A 90-day devotion written from those Scripture references. Devotions that help bring Hope amidst the valleys within this world. Valleys that we do not walk alone