My Friend Earth

Under the Awning

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There's one word for this book—beautiful.
Every page is a celebration of Earth and nature. From falling rain to fierce winds to hibernating bears, seas and rivers, so many wonderful things happen
 on our planet. A young girl explores each aspect as she discovers how diverse and marvelous nature is. The entire thing ends with a wonderful sense of peace.
The illustrations really make this book shine. Each page radiates life, calmness, vitality and warmth. Each scene is clear in its representation and still incorporates an artistic beauty. It's fun to flip through the pages and simply watch each moment unfold. Each page also includes a flip-door or peek-hole, which definitely adds to the fun. However, it does make for more difficult page-turning, especially when using this as a read-aloud. It still is a nice addition.
The text is written in an almost poetic way. The words play within the illustration and accompany each scene to give it the right atmosphere. It does make a lovely read-aloud. The wording is packed with descriptions but stays at a level for the intended audience. Slightly older ones are sure to enjoy this book too