Under the Awning

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Take backyard games to a whole new level with a set of mesh-inset disks and balls: Spring Ring is perfect for catch with a twist in the yard or park, and for taking along to the beach, pool or campsite! The big foam-ring paddles have a stretchy nylon center that make toss and catch games tons of fun. Includes both a rubber ball and a pom-pom ball. Spring Ring can also be thrown like a Frisbee®—there are so many different ways to play!


  • Throw it! Bounce it! Splash it!
  • Set includes two large 16-inch paddles, one rubber ball and one pom ball.
  • Play a variety of games for hours with this catchy, throwing, bouncy, flingy, fun ring set.
  • The large springy disks are great for use in a multitude of outdoor games.
  • Encourages active play, cooperative play and outdoor exercise.
  • Develops coordination, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Made using safe and high-quality materials; this product is designed to last.