Sweet Grace Collection 10 Million Meals Celebration Candle

Under the Awning

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When you purchase a 10 Million Meals Celebration Candle, you will receive an exclusive, limited-release Sweet Grace Collection candle that provides a donation of not 3, but 30 meals for children in need. One candle, 30 meals. That’s 10 days of healthy food for orphans across the world, prepared with fresh ingredients from their local market.
This candle comes in a celebratory box that includes first-hand accounts of how growing up in Rice Bowls-supported homes changed the lives of four young adults in Haiti. You’ll be able to read their stories and see how your candle purchases directly impacted their development. The truth is, your candle purchases provided more than meals. Having daily nutritious meals provided enabled them to focus on their studies, and it instilled a desire to give back to their local communities in each of their hearts.