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 Farm Fresh & Giftably Gorgeous!

FarmHouse Fresh Organics & Naturals

FarmHouse Fresh is women owned, cruelty-free, and uses profits to rescue abused animals that come to live at their Farm Animal Sanctuary!

ALL of FarmHouse Fresh’s products are made in the USA using up to 100% natural ingredients, full of potent botanicals grown fresh daily on our farm.

FarmHouse Fresh products are free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and fragrance phthalates. Their just-harvested botanicals are bursting with high nutrition for your skin. Grown fresh daily, these tiny microgreens are more nutrient dense than many full size vegetables! Their extracts bring rapid results in FHF skincare - so you see nothing but a gorgeous complexion!


Your Everyday Favorites Are Everyday Saving Lives!

Your skincare dollars make an immediate difference. In a given month, profits from purchases of FarmHouse Fresh® products help us buy 14,000 pounds of hay, 1,000 pounds of grain, and nearly $2,000 in medical expenses for the FarmHouse Fresh® Sanctuary animals. 

Your purchases also fund employee time in all day-to-day caregiving which includes feeding, cleaning, and administering medicine. As we save more animals throughout the year, we expand barns, fencing, and pasture shelters for the animal's living environment.

Your purchases don't stop there! They reach coast to coast, funding rescue organizations nationwide, who are working tirelessly, daily, to save, rehabilitate and rehome countless additional animals.