Our Story


 Michele and Brian DeMoss are the heart and soul behind Under The Awning.
Michele, and her team, take pride in hand picking each line, to fill the shelves with beautiful, thoughtful gifts for your loved ones and for yourself! "Too much" is never enough with our quality and charitable pieces. You'll fall in love with how easy you can shop and contribute locally. But that's not all, most products give or partner with Charitable Organizations for each piece purchased. This is Michele's dream, to combine her passion of benevolent giving. From the joy of gifting to an individual, and simultaneously giving to the less fortunate, this is Under The Awning's mission; to bridge the acts of giving. 
There is the rare product that is not connected to a giving mission, but each of those products are inspiring, uplifting, or just plain adorable. 
Brian, using his special skill sets of "brains of the operation" and "man behind the curtain", he does it all. Adding his personal charisma to each piece he moves, places, and hangs. Helping make it home for our array of beautiful lines. Devoted to ensuring things run smoothly. 
Everyone here at Under The Awning, excited and driven to assisting your gifting desires!
Come SHOP with us!