Rule-Breakers Markers

Under the Awning

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Use these multi-surface markers to express your unique self through lettering and illustration!
A dreamy set of markers for aspiring letterers and illustrators who want to let go of perfectionism and follow their own paths. As a schoolgirl in Vietnam and later in online lettering classes, Huyen Dinh was always told to perfect her penmanship. Instead, she started embracing her own imperfect style-with squiggly lines, cheeky messages, and pastel colors.

Now it's your turn! Break the rules, embrace your ugly sketches, and discover your own special style. With these multi-surface markers in hand, you can tell your personal story, support a cause you care about, or decorate your tote bags and sneakers!

VERSATILE MULTI-SURFACE MARKERS: Searching for the best markers for hand lettering? These gorgeous markers work on paper, fabric, and leather, so you can use them for scores of creative projects.

MAKES ART FUN: Created by beloved artist Huyen Dinh, these markers give you permission to banish the perfectionist voice in your head. No need to sweat over creating technically perfect art. This is a chance to explore your personal style and share your passions with the world. Use these markers to let your personality shine!

RISING STAR: Huyen Dinh's refreshing honesty and irresistible illustration style have resonated with thousands of fans online. Her lettering art has graced murals, sweatshirts, magazine covers, and more. With these durable tools, she welcomes anyone to join her in creating perfectly imperfect lettering and illustration.

CURATED SET: Dinh has curated everything about this set, from the color selection to the width of the marker nibs to the adorable box design.

Perfect for:

• Letterers, calligraphers, artists, and illustrators looking for a starter kit
• Pairing with Dinh's How to Be a Rule-Breaking Letterer or The Rule-Breaking Letterer's Workbook as a gift for anyone looking for a creative outlet
• Casual creatives and hobbyists who love hand lettering, drawing with letters, and font, alphabet, and script design
• Fashionistas who want to add personal flair to their accessories
• Crafty types doing hand-lettered DIY invitations for wedding, birthday, girls' night, or any Pinterest-worthy special occasion
• Bullet journalers, sign makers, scrapbookers, crafters, and handmade gift creators