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“This moment right now? I can feel it—this is your time. True, you’ve achieved so much already. But you? You’re just getting started. Let me tell you why…”

Share your awe-inspiring tribute to someone in your life who is simply remarkable. This vibrant fill-in-the-blanks gift book will help you honor their spark and shine a light on all that they do. Personalize the easy-to-complete pages by filling in your favorite things about them, your hopes and wishes for them, and all that makes them truly unstoppable. In less than an afternoon, you can create a completely unique keepsake, perfect for celebrating a birthday, graduation, new venture, retirement, big move, or an everyday triumph.

Inside you’ll find prompts, such as:

You’re an amazing ____________ and a top-notch _______________, who can always be counted on for ________________.

Five years from now, I hope you’re living in _________________ with __________, and spending your days ____________.

No matter where you are or what you do, I know you’ll always be __________________.